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Aesthetician Jennifer Midgette, owner of Spa Boudoir, located in the bourgeoning Glenwood South neighborhood, has always had a interest in skin care. "I'm not exactly sure when it started," Midgette says, "I know I just developed a bit of an obsession to learn about products and started reading the ingredients on everything my mother had in her make-up cabinet, about new products in magazines, just hunting down any information on skin care." In 1998, Midgette decided to pursue her interests professionally, and after 7 years working in the industry, she opened Spa Boudoir, a private-practice skin care studio, in 2005.

At Spa Boudoir, Midgette provides her clients with an education about the skin,
offering extensive skin care consultation and spa treatments, including facials, chemical peels, waxing, lash tinting, and body treatments. All appointments tap into Midgette's in-depth knowledge of the skin care products and treatments she offers through Spa Boudoir, as well as others available across the industry. "Basically, although people understand the importance of what they put into their bodies in regards to their overall health, there hasn't been as much focus on skin care." Midgette says, " However, the skin is the largest organ of the body, functioning much the same as our other organs, except that it is constantly exposed, so it is important to be concerned not only with what goes into our bodies, but also what we use topically.

The Spa Boudoir studio offers a relaxing environment in a personalized setting.
"Spa Boudoir appointments are one-on-one consultations," says Midgette, "My goal is to provide people with personal esthetician services, much like any other health care practitioner, someone who can assist with assessing your skin care needs and working towards specific goals for improvement." The Spa Boudoir setting is especially appealing for those who aren't comfortable with the large spa experience. "Clients have really enjoyed the private setting. Bigger is not always better. Men and newcomers say they feel especially comfortable coming here because it's absent the busy reception and waiting areas.

Spa Boudoir carries tested skin care lines that Midgette has come to believe, through years of experience and use, promote the most positive, natural change in the skin, while remaining absent of fillers and unnatural preservatives. In addition, Midgette says her experience in the industry allows her to refer those
who prefer a spa setting that can accommodate groups or a specific medical/cosmetic procedure to reputable Triangle businesses.

Overall, Midgette's philosophy with Spa Boudoir seems to be catching on. "Every week, I am meeting new clients, and it's rewarding to see people open up to thinking about their skin care, away from the large spa perception that I think sometime is a bit intimidating. It's a really exciting transition."

The studio of Spa Boudoir is located at 304 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 11. SpaBoudoir consultations and treatments are by appointment only and can be scheduled by calling (919) 325-9137. A menu of services and seasonal specials can be requested via e-mail from



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