Frequently Asked Questions

What facial should I choose?

It is important to me that we are able to reach your goals together. There are many facial treatments to choose from however it is crucial that I become familiar with your own skin and treatment goals. If it is you first time with Spa Boudoir my suggestion is to schedule the "Osmosis Clean Facial" or the "Organic Medi-Facial" which are customizable to each client. This allows me to become familiar with your skin through client intake form, consultation and skin analysis, as well as the familiarity of working with your skin for that hour. Although I have monthly specials, that particular treatment may not be appropriate for your skin type. As your esthetician I will always make the best suggestion for you. If you have scheduled an appointment with a particular facial in mind we will always be able to change to the one most condusive to your skin.

How do I purchase your skin care online?

For Osmosis Skin Care purchase, please enter the word  holistic  on the password protected page.

What is the difference...Facial vs/ Treatment vs/ Peel?

The "Facials" offered at Spa Boudoir include the following steps: 1. Skin Analysis 2. Cleansing (under steam) 3. Exfoliation (under steam unless highly sensitive) 4. Massage of face, neck, and decollete (under steam) 5. Extractions 6. Mask 7. Serums/Moisturizer 8. Hand or foot massage (only if noted)


Treatments are similar to Facials, but with less relaxation massage and may or may not be accompanied by a mask. They include stronger exfoliating products that may provide light flaking on some clients and have fewer extractions. These Treatments get right to the point!


Facial Infusion or non traumatic peels are just as they sound. This is the pinnacle of treatments when it comes to profound change in the skin. There is little to significant peeling in the client over the course of several days depending on the treatment and the client. Peel applications are loaded with high doses of skin changing and stimulating ingredients. Scheduling a peel on your own through my on-line booking is not possible as it is crucial that I am familiar with your skin and it's reactions. Many times you must be using particular products for two weeks or so before a peel can be administered. Peels are best done in a series and special prices are provided for those committed to a package usually done on a monthly basis. A skin care consultation can be scheduled to discuss your options in depth.

What do I need to know about waxing?


Waxing requires 1/4 inch of visible hair in order for wax to remove the hair. This  means a firm 14+ days of growth from the last day you shaved (or 1/4 inch).  You will be turned away if the hair is too short.

Waxing can not be administered on individuals who have used accutane in the last 9-12 months. Due to it's strong exfoliation, If you are using Retin A or Renova please stop its application in the area you desire to be waxed for 2 weeks before your appointment. You will also be required to refrain from using these same topical creams for a week afterwards.

Sun and surf (this includes tanning beds and swimming pools), should be avoided for 24-48 hours before and after your waxing appointment. 

For the following 24-48 hours AFTER your appointment you will be advised to avoid exercise, tight fitting clothes, hot tub, bath tub (you may shower), fragranced soaps, SEX, and the above mentioned sun/surf (natural and otherwise).  You may use 1% hydrocortisone several times a day in this 48 hour period, on the bikini to soothe the skin.

On the body regular waxing should be performed every 3-5 weeks depending on your needs. The face is normally done on a monthly basis. Do not shave or tweeze between visits as this throws off the cycle of the hair.

What are the differences between your bikini waxes?

Classic bikini - A modest bikini wax that only takes what would not be covered by a classic bathing suit or panty line.

In-Between - This goes farther in and can take a good portion of the top if desired, above the pelvic bone. It can be as small as 2-3 fingers wide depending on your needs. This wax also provides inner thigh.

Bikini Brazil - The traditional Brazilian! This takes all hair from the labia and back end as well as a good portion above. Leaving only a small triangle just above the clitoris.

Stripped Bare- Well, I don't think this one needs explaining. Front to back and all of its hiding places, there's nothing left. Tag.. you're it!

Is there anything to make waxing less painful?

To the dismay of popular belief. Waxing should never be equated to childbirth and is not as uncomfortable as you might think. If this has been your or others experience you were likely to have had an inexperienced therapist or had other issues going on that day, listed below. Here are my best suggestions for consideration of waxing.

*Avoid uva/uvb exposure, chlorine, and exercise for 24-48 hours before your appointment.

*Do not consume caffiene within 3 hours of your appointment time.

*Take two ibuprophen an hour previous your appointment.

*Eat a banana 30 minutes before your waxing. They act as a natural pain killer and help counteract the effects of caffiene.

*During PMS and Pregnancy waxing can be less comfortable.

*Stress and Caffiene heighten pain receptors.

*Keep up with your waxings. Coming every 4-5 weeks cuts down on the pain via length of hair and physical memory.

*The first time is always the worse time. It only gets better from there.


~NO SCREAM CREAM is available for purchase at Spa Boudoir.

Wax your bikini line, or any other area without the pain! No Scream Cream brings you a topical anesthetic that alleviates exhausting wax-related pain that doesn’t interfere with standard wax formulas. Safe, natural formula numbs waxing area for a painless experience easily and is ideal for all skin types.

What about ingrown hairs, etc.?

~GET THE BUMP OUTTA HERE is availabe for retail at Spa Boudoir.

A gentle post-wax formula the glides on for soothed, calm skin after waxing any area. Eliminate bumps, irritation and in-grown hairs while smoothing skin with this effective formula. Convenient roll-on design delivers even amounts of product exactly where you want it. When used with No Scream Cream, you’ll have the least eventful waxing imaginable!


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