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I sent this letter to my contacts in late April...However, some emails have changed or bounced so I am including the letter of closure here. Thank you for all of your years of support. It has meant everything!

Dearest friends of Spa Boudoir:

I have certainly missed each of you. I hope these days find you tending in the spirit of love and patience. Some days feel more grounded than others, but I feel certain we will all be fine. Perhaps even with a renewed sense of being.?

These last six weeks have been difficult as a small business owner. As I approach the opportunity to sign another years lease, I am left with many unanswerable questions. I am sure a good many of us are currently faced with similar challenges to which each of us will need to make varying decisions. On a deeper and more personal level, I have been evolving quite a bit over the last several years. With a stronger sense of caring for myself and living out my authenticity, the extra time our situation at hand has given in generosity, has allowed me to listen deeply to my own heart. Collectively, this brings me to the decision to close Spa Boudoir.

The relationships we've built over the last 15 (some of you 20) years, have meant so very much to me. There's an intimacy that happens when we work together in the way that we have at Spa Boudoir. It's been just me & you...no big production, and those relationships have been the balm of my heart.?

My hopes are to find someone to take on Spa Boudoir over the extended year. A business has a life of its own and I believe Spa Boudoir wants to move forward... with just the right kind and generously hearted human, one who has a love of toxic-free treatments, and lots of energy to take it to the next level! If this is indeed meant to be, I will personally be reaching out to each of you in the case you may want to transition to the next incarnation of the business.

In the interim, I will be following up with another email including some references for you. My personal thoughts are that Wake County spas may start to reopen (at least for a moment) in perhaps June, and I know you’ll be in need of some relaxation and maintenance.

In thinking about our time together, I would love to maintain our personal connections. How may we continue in reciprocity, in new and creative ways? I’ve learned a few things through the years...about running a business, following your dreams, being an entrepreneur, utilizing the goodness of plants to support a healthy life, how to maintain a balanced and healthy skin...moved through many challenges on falling, taking on too much, moving through fear, listening, letting go of control, the process of loss and grieving, placing yourself in a position of self-love and acceptance...and I’m open to sharing on any and ALL of it. ?️ Also, I will continue to sell many of the beauty products your skin has come to know and love. Please feel free to reach out with your questions. I will be available to you through the following avenues. *Email jennymlane71@gmail.com *Phone & Text (919) 906-9308 *My other businesses www.oakmossattic.com (Pittsboro, NC // visit me here when you can!), and www.bohemianbeauty.bigcartel.com (both websites stock the Bohemian Beauty product line).

Please do be in touch.

In loving gratitude, with a grieving heart, and excitement for the future.



by appointment only.



To make an appointment, please schedule online for immediate assistance, or leave a message at (919) 906-9308. Please give your first and last name, the phone number where you may be reached, and the service(s) desired. You may also leave your preferred day and time, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible to set up the appointment. 



A 24-hour cancellation policy is in place for Spa Boudoir. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please cancel on-line or call and cancel within 24 hours of your appointment so that I may accommodate other clients. A charge of 50% of the cost of your scheduled service will apply without (24) cancellation.  Also, If you were using the new client promotion, it will no longer apply.



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